The Concept


Mounted posters are a quick and inexpensive way to temporarily or permanently decorate a wall or an entire room. And, you get the added advantage that the posters offered at this site are all original art from Andrew McDonough Photography. Posters can be used in other creative ways. Rather than attach them lean mounted posters against a wall (“leaners”) at floor or table-top levels; on fireplace mantles; on infrequently used chairs; bookstands or on ledges. And, posters can be rotated periodically to freshen up spaces for a new look. The standard poster is printed on laminated glossy 18in x 24in 1.5 mil thick photo paper. Posters come in vertical and horizontal formats. The thick photo paper is durable and will last many years without any type of maintenance. And, should a corner or edge become frayed or bent the poster can be easy trimmed back with a utility knife or single-edged razor blade. Posters may also be purchased mounted on 3/16 foam board and will be shipped in a flat box. Un-mounted posters will be shipped in a standard mailing tube.